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Essay on Kashmir Issue


Kashmir has extensive natural beauty, with unique places and traits. ‘Kashmir’ heaven on earth is known for its captivating and scenic beauty along with diverse socio-culture characteristics; it is an ultimate wonderland for nature admirer.

Since the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the Kashmir, is the issue that has always been a point of central disagreement. Jammu and Kashmir have a long history linked with both countries. Pakistan and India are two independent nations and Kashmir is the major conflict between them.

There have been several wars fought between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue. The essay writing Pakistan service explains the topic in depth by giving insights on wars over Kashmir.

First War on Kashmir:

Pakistan and India clashed over Kashmir right after partition; at that time Hindu king, Maharaja Hari Singh ruled the Muslim majority state. On October 26, 1947, Maharaja decided and announced to join India by ignoring the beliefs of the majority of people and succession of the state. In order to liberate Kashmir from India, Pakistan tribesmen launched an armed struggle, which includes local Kashmiris. India fought back with its regular forces to control the situation. As the unease increased government of Pakistan have to act as an intermediary and sent its troops, and the first war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir took place.

Second War on Kashmir:

The second war over Kashmir issue took place in September 1965. In contrast with the first war, this war had a different background and the reason was that China defeated India in 1962. On the other side, Pakistan had improved its military after receiving western military hardware and ultimately secured control over India in 1965. The anguish in Kashmir was increasing due to various reasons, India’s leader Jawaharlal Nehru’s death in 1964 that left a strong impact on the political pitch of the nation.

Third War on Kashmir (1971 War)

The election of 1970 triggered the 1971 war. The Awami League clean swept the elections by winning majority seats in East Pakistan. The supporters of the Awami League turned to violence and created a revolt situation in the country for not getting their powers transferred by 1971 as per the initial announcement. The central government fight back by imposing a military crackdown to end the rebellion disturbance. India intervened that slipped the situation out of control and after result third war between India and Pakistan.

India win a victory over and Pakistan suffered a loss of its eastern wing, and India made more than 90,000 soldiers prisoner 

 Fourth War on Kashmir ( Kargil War)

May 1999 to July 1999 is marked for the Kargil conflict, the conflict constricted to a small geographical area. At the global level, the Kargil war had great attention, as it was the main factor of the nuclear exchange

The Kargil conflict immersed the diplomatic gains and goodwill was created when Indian Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited Lahore in February 1999. As international attention is drawn away from Indian violation of humans rights to cross-border intrusion by Pakistan. It was considered that Kargil adventure damaged the Kashmir cause.

Kashmir issue has been a central point for several UN resolutions and internationally recognized since 1947, this issue has implications for global peace and security. Every year there are several books got published about the dispute and every book has its own dimension about it which later added in Kashmir bibliography. Kashmir Issue and its resolution have always been a part of the discussion but the media’s role in its resolution has been ignored. At the time of no technological advancement, the media plays a role in resolving the issue.

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