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Essay On Corruption in Pakistan


Since independence corruption is one of the biggest obstacles faced by Pakistan. Despite various institutions handling corruption it’s not easy to control corruption. One form of corruption is bribery that prevails in our society strongly.  Many corruption control institutions is trying for years to stop corruption but still citizens of Pakistan are uncomfortable with the judiciary system.

Moreover, the dilemma is common and middle-class people are facing most of the problems. There was an anti-corruption strategy that was created in 2002 which purposed a comprehensive plan for controlling corruption. Also, the onal Accountability Bureau (NAB) has the power to prosecute cases and investigate. However, the unpredictability of anti-corruption and lack of political will is the major obstacle.

Pakistanis have to face many difficulties because of being a corrupted country. Even many people who are living outside Pakistan face criticism. The current government of Pakistan has taken several actions to overcome corruption and has reviewed the processes.

The Causes of Corruption

Countries are rank on the basis of their social, economical and safety grounds. The countries that are found safe and abide by the rules are perceived as the countries to live in. people look for the city of life, where they can get the desired outcome of what they put in. unfortunately corruption does not let this happen. It has been noticed that corruption makes the opportunities fade and invites to inequality. If we observe all these years Pakistan is facing unemployment, hunger, poverty, and discrimination just because of corruptions.

In addition, petty corruption has made life uneasy and disastrous. People are moving towards depression and hopelessness. Actually, making fraud is becoming common and spreading all over. Hence, corruption is routed in all levels either government or private. However, if we see the anti-corruption departments are trying their best to reduce the rate of corruption but still they are facing hardships.

 The Root Cause and Control

Corruption can only be controlled if both politically and individually each citizen not only understand their responsibility but also take charge. The reason is there is a p politician who is enlisted in the corruption list and it all continues from there.

In the end, all authorities of Pakistan should try on their behalf to minimize the corruption factor and operate legally. The citizens should focus on doing legal business and avoid making black money. If we will focus on small factors too than also we can control corruption at some level.

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