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Thesis Proposal According to Pakistan Standard



The thesis is said an academic document which has to submit by the candidate for degree purpose. Normally, the thesis is basically an experiment which has to be done by candidate and which will represent the observations and research work of student. Mostly in Pakistan, thesis writing asked by the students of universities in the very last semester before the submission of final projects.

Thesis Proposal

A thesis proposal is a task, which have to be written by a candidate to explain the personal research and information. It basically includes the information about the thesis on which you have to write and what type of research is going to be used in it. It could be quiet lengthy but, before writing a thesis you have to learn that how to write a good thesis proposal.

In Pakistan thesis writing services are also getting establish with an increase of thesis writers in Pakistan that help the candidates in writing a good thesis. Today we will teach you how to write thesis proposal according to the Pakistan standard.

Thesis Proposal in Pakistani Standard

The thesis proposal has a basic structure, according to which a proposal has to be written in Pakistani standard. You should have to sure about the proposal that it has to be technical and businesslike work. For this kind of nature, of the proposal, you must consider a paragraph or an essay writing course. The structure of the thesis proposal consists of different sections, these are:

  1. Main title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Content table ( not necessary)
  4. Background
  5. Introduction
  6. Statement of thesis
  7. Procedure and approach
  8. Materials and medium
  9. Discussions and results
  10. References sheet

It is very important to understand that the proposal is short information compared to the thesis writing work. Mostly the proposal work you do is used in the final thesis.

Thesis Proposal Structure

Main Title Page

The title page is the very first page of your thesis proposal in which you write proposal title, name, email address and furthermore information about the institution as shown in the example below:


  • Abstract

The next page will be abstract, it is an important part of the thesis and it should be written in one paragraph which will contain no more than 200 words. It is said to be the summary of your whole thesis. It shows your every single element of the thesis in a high short form. Including background, you must add all aspects of the abstract. Avoid giving references in the abstract.

  • Table of Content

Table of content is said to be a non-compulsory part of the thesis. It only depends on you that whether to provide the content table or not. The only thing that should be written in the table is about the main heading names with respective page numbers. That would guide the reader to find the searching topic easily.

  • Background

After the content table, you should have to write the background of the thesis. It also helps to prove the thesis questions relevancy. The background includes the information on the research on which is based or from which the thesis is assigned.

  • Introduction

The introduction should capture the interest of the readers by including the data or other useful information, which makes readers go ‘wow’. By focusing on the broad image explain the whole study. In the introduction, the general statement of the topic has been written. Cited the references if needed.

  • Statement of Thesis

Thesis statement could be included in the introduction or should be written separately. It should be specified and cleared as possible. Write the point of your thesis directly instead of ‘The point of my topic is…”. Try to avoid unsure words while writing the statement.

  • Procedure and Approach

In the procedures and approach explain how to approach the problem by dividing it into several brief steps. You can also explain the series of steps with the help of one or more than one drawings. In procedure and approach references can also be added.

  • Materials and medium

The materials, facilities, instruments, and medium that is used in the thesis should be mentioned. It is a compulsory part, which will explain that what the thesis is basically about. This will briefly describe the experiment that would be written in the thesis.

  • Discussion and Results

In this part, you will explain the results of the experiments. Also, discuss your observations and analysis on the results. Clearly explain the results that how it was found and how you analyze it. Basically, it is a true report of what you found while measuring the hypothesis.

  • References sheet

This is necessary work to cite the references. The most suitable references according to the given thesis have to be cited and it will be a proper sheet in which you will write references. You have to make a list of references and almost 15 to 20 references should be cited on that sheet.

The upper list which has been described with details is about a proper way that how to write a good thesis proposal according to Pakistan standard. At first, title page and then the abstract of 200 words, one paragraph. After that, make a content table but if required and then write the background of the thesis. Further, write the introduction and statement of the thesis. By which you will define the thesis easily, then write the approach in a form of procedure, step by step. You also have to write the sources and the facilities which have been used in that thesis work. Then discuss the hypothesis and observations then write the result and at last make a reference sheet in which more than 15 references have to be cited. which site more than 15 references related to the thesis given. By applying these ways during the work, you will definitely write a good thesis proposal according to you.

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